At Knox you have the opportunity to:

  • Worship God,

  • Explore your spirituality and ask your questions,

  • Receive God's word of hope, comfort, challenge, forgiveness through Jesus Christ,

  • Express your faith through meaningful service locally and globally, and

  • Meet friends and develop a supportive community of faith.

We are a community of all ages from many national and ethnic backgrounds representing the universality of God's love all brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are a small, strong congregation.

We seek to know one another and to care for one another as we journey in faith. Our fellowship is warm and friendly.

Everyone is welcomed gladly and encouraged to share their gifts through and with this community of faith.

We try to spread the good news of God's love through our words and actions. This means we are an evangelical church. We are also just ordinary people involved in the real world. We care about the social and justice concerns of our community and our world and are continually seeking ways to address them.

If you have questions, are looking for a church home, seeking to discover God's will and purpose for your life, need encouraging friends, or a visitor looking for a friendly place to worship, we invite you to Knox Church.


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